Let’s meet at the American Telemedicine Association Conference in Chicago this week!

Skinner and Associates is a highly specialized Healthcare search firm recruiting nationally for organizations within the Healthcare Technology/Telemedicine space. This includes everything from executive level placement to sales, marketing, IT, software development, product management and engineering. This has been our exclusive focus for… Read More

The Virtual Healthcare Executive and the Gig Economy

By Ray Plummer, Vice President of Business Development at Skinner & Associates The Google dictionary’s description of the Gig Economy is “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.” Uber, Deliveroo, Airbnb,… Read More

The Diagnostic Imagination in Radiology

I read an excellent series of articles recently about the Diagnostic Imagination in Radiology by Rodney Sappington, PhD. Rodney W. Sappington, PhD is a senior clinical data scientist, informatician, author, and healthcare strategist.  He is CEO of Acesio Inc., a disease insights company… Read More

Join us at the HIMSS17 Career Fair!

Skinner & Associates is excited to announce we will be attending  the HIMSS 2017 Career Fair in Orlando, which will be on Tuesday, February 21st from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Booth #20 – Please also join us afterwards for a reception at 4:00pm!  

CEO Leadership Skills for a Life Science Start-Up

By Tom Miller, Managing Partner, GreyBird Ventures, LLC So many books and articles have been written about leadership that it is perhaps a vanity to believe that I have anything even incrementally valuable to contribute.  In fact, my first thought in response… Read More

Interested and qualified? Email resumes to Kimberly House at Kimberly@skinnerandassociates.com

Executive Options (Part 2): Benefits of Interim Management in Healthcare

by Kim O’Leesky, VP of Business Development at Skinner & Associates Executive Search Interim Management: What was Old is New Again Due to many factors including cost, time, ROI, skill or culture match, interim management had fallen out of favor as an approach to… Read More

Executive Options (Part 1): Shifting Sands Call for a Staffing Evolution

The healthcare operational environment continues to be in a state of flux with tide shifts on a seemingly unpredictable schedule. With the pending presidential elections on the horizon, the uncertainty has only escalated as healthcare leaders struggle to anticipate the fate of legislation including Obamacare, Meaningful Use, as well as local market shifts. Some folks are doing their best to steady the course to maintain their current position, while others are more aggressively attempting to grow.

Patient Engagement? Should we really be working on Person(al) Health Engagement?

By Sandra Lillie – Founder, Meade Advisory We hear a lot about patient engagement strategies and innovations as a result of Meaningful Use measures; however, innovation appears to remain focused on sick care and  the 2-10% of the patient population that currently drive 80%… Read More