About Our Company

Skinner & Associates Executive Search Inc. is the leading Executive Recruiting and Consulting firm specializing in Healthcare IT Leadership, Imaging and Informatics. For over two decades, we have provided unparalleled and customized recruiting solutions to our client employers and candidates nationwide. There are no upfront fees and our services are 100% guaranteed.

Our Team:

cache_946233491.jpg cache_937948053.jpg cache_937946878.jpg cache_592288804.jpg cache_571229504.jpg image.jpg


Our Clients include:
• Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations nationwide
• EMR, EHR, VNA, HIE, and other HIT Vendors
• Radiology and Diagnostic Centers

Candidates include but are not limited to:
Management Roles
• EMR/HIT Project Managers
• EMR Analysts
• EMR Support Specialists
• EMR Implementation and Build
• EMR Training
• Service Engineers
• Network Engineers
• Engineering/Software Development
• Application Specialists
• Clinical Analysts/Nursing Informaticists
• Technologists
• Marketing/Product Management
• Sales/Sales Engineers
• Executive/Management
• RIS/PACS Administrators



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