Executive Options (Part 1): Shifting Sands Call for a Staffing Evolution

by Kim O’Leesky, VP of Business Development at Skinner & Associates Executive Search

The healthcare operational environment continues to be in a state of flux with tide shifts on a seemingly unpredictable schedule.  With the pending presidential elections on the horizon, the uncertainty has only escalated as healthcare leaders struggle to anticipate the fate of legislation including Obamacare, Meaningful Use, as well as local market shifts.  Some folks are doing their best to steady the course to maintain their current position, while others are more aggressively attempting to grow. Either strategy may or may not align with board or investor expectations which are fueling unrest and action.  These turbulent seas compound the normal day to day operational and strategic complexities, resulting in confidence considerations, moral instability, and ultimately, leadership and staff skill set mismatches and changes.

Change Simple Word in Sand Horizontal Handwritten Outdoors
This isn’t complete doom-and-gloom or meant to inspire one to batten down the hatches.  Rather, while C-level leadership and essential staff exit creating disruptive or traumatic vacancies and creating instability, if anticipated or managed correctly this can present both great risk… and great opportunity! These changes present the perfect opportunity to conduct an experienced, objective audit and assessment of the health system organization. This anchoring should result in a plan which can be implemented to improve finances, quality, satisfaction, employee relations, and governance. However, mitigation steps are necessary to avoid potential situational risks, such as forward momentum loss, unrealized goals, negotiation failures, key staff defection, and competitor intrusions.

The big question is: How do we fill this void?

…To be continued…


Stay tuned for the second part of this Executive Options blog series titled “What is Old is New Again: Interim Management in the Healthcare System”



Kim O’Leesky is the Vice President of Business Development with Skinner & Associates Executive Search, Inc. As a highly regarded, published, and sought out industry leader, Kim has been instrumental in creating, advancing, and optimizing methodologies concerning technology-enabled Healthcare Transformation, Informatics, Governance and Compliance with community, urban, academic, not-for-profit and for-profit healthcare entities nationally and globally.

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