Journey to RSNA, HIMSS, and Beyond… Networking into the Future.

Tis the Season…… yes, it’s the time of year to be jolly and all that, but this time of year also brings me great angst and nervous anticipation as the two most important conventions in our industry, RSNA and HIMSS gear up for their big crowds.


If you don’t know about these two big conventions, you are probably not in the Healthcare IT, Imaging and Informatics world. RSNA always falls immediately after Thanksgiving which unfortunately shortens my much loved family time for that holiday. Yes, for the last 20 years I have said goodbye to my house guests, gotten my winter coat out of storage (I live in Florida) , packed my warm winter suits and headed up to Chicago for a week of networking and selling. I love it and I hate it…… like most of you…..but without it, my knowledge of the companies, the people, and the trends in our industry would be severely limited.

Which companies are growing? Which start- up companies are destined for success? Which vendors and hospitals are hiring? Does booth size really matter? What candidates are searching for new opportunities? What companies do I want to pursue as clients? What companies do I want to recruit from? What parties can I snag an invitation to attend? Are my feet too tired to squeeze in some Magnificent Mile shopping?

In preparing for RSNA and HIMSS, my recruiters and I study the exhibitor listings, check their websites, read their news updates, do endless google searches, schedule appointments, check the career sites, talk with our MVP candidates, etc… but by far, the very best source of my information comes from networking with trusted executives, industry gurus and consultants who understand the big picture much better than I and are “in the know” on most of my questions.   You know who you are and I thank you for your valued opinions and expertise!

Until then, enjoy RSNA and if you see me at your booth, kindly ask me to have a seat and chat awhile… my feet are probably killing me!

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