Welcome to my Blog… Join the Discussion!

For those of you who don’t know me in this industry, I would like to introduce myself. Here is what I am and here is what I am not!

I AM a “connector “of people, a networking guru, a matchmaker extraordinaire in the industry of Healthcare IT, Imaging and Informatics. I have been recruiting in healthcare for over 35 years and have owned my firm, Skinner and Associates Executive Search, for the last 16 years.   I know how to hire recruiters… exceptional ones, who understand this industry and know how to network their way to success.   We are one of the very few, if not the only nationwide executive search firms to specialize in Healthcare IT, Imaging and Informatics. We have a vast database of clients and candidates and an even greater network of LinkedIN connections!

I am NOT a subject matter expert, think tank provider or industry thought leader BUT I do know how to find and network with the best of them and I want to share their knowledge with you! I am starting this blog to discuss the issues facing our industry that will impact hiring needs now and in the future. How should companies (vendors, providers, and payers) anticipate those hiring needs and retool their staff to meet the future successfully? How should candidates position themselves to align with the best companies, the highest salaries, the most meaningful and fulfilling work, the best training, and enable themselves to build the best future potential for their careers? Do I have the answers to these questions? Heck no! Do I know people who could help shed some light on these topics and answer more of the “big picture” questions for all of us? Heck yes!

Skinner pic

So here’s the deal.   Starting in January 2016, I will be inviting guest bloggers to pose some thought provoking questions and give all of my readers their valuable insight as to where the Healthcare IT, Imaging and Informatics industry is headed , the challenges they face in getting there and how this might impact our careers and staffing requirements. I invite my readers to email me (janet@skinnerandassociates.com) to suggest topics for discussion or let me know if you have an interest in being a guest blogger for the Skinner Spotlight.  A sneak peek into suggested topics for discussion include:

  • Hiring or retooling staff to support the new HIT stratified (or deconstructed) environment, current challenges of a multi-vendor platform environment
  • Risk and impact of multi-system environments with consideration for HITECH and HIPAA, resource requirements (including governance and leadership needs) to drive imaging transformation
  • The changing role of the PACS Administrator, contractor vs direct hire
  • Integrating the various “ologies”, interoperability for an environment that is stratified and how to hire the right people to integrate and test new modules and software applications
  • Accountable care, population health management, Big Data, security, moving to the cloud, data center consolidation, mobile technology, focus on the patient, etc etc….

Ahhhhh… so much to cover on these topics but we will spotlight the most important aspects and I will invite people from my network who are “in the know” to talk intelligently on these topics so we can all better prepare ourselves for the hiring needs and careers of the future.   We will learn and grow together, stay tuned!

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